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A tax agent whether he is an online tax agent or does the job in person is not same as the accountant. The concept that every accountant is a tax agent and every tax agent is an accountant is very wrong. There is a possibility in case of online tax agents who provide limited tax services that they are actually accountants with tax knowledge and expertise but in actual these two terms are different and involve different activities.

in many countries and in Australia as well, people hire the skilled tax agents for just filing out their tax returns when they do not have the know how of the tax return or when their taxable income situation is complicated. Many people hire the online tax agents as well for this one-time job in the year of filing the returns. But in such cases where you want to establish a business and you require some person from the accounts field who could work in detail with you about the financing condition of your company and the taxes applied then this is where only a tax agent is not good enough but you require an accountant.

Although, even many business man confuse these terminologies, since they think that their only concern in finance is tax and for that the tax agent is more than enough but this is not always the case. You must be familiar with the sensitivity and broadness of the tax term since it plays a very vital role in your business and the wrong filing of the tax returns and not showing the assets could bring many lawsuits to your company.

Tax agents are usually those people who have expertise in the income tax refund. These are the return which are related to how much income you have declared and how much tax refunds you could get on this and how much tax do you need to pay based on your taxable income. On the other hand, the accountant knowledge, training and expertise are not limited to the tax returns only but he has been trained to use his knowledge to plan and to develop such strategies in which your taxes could be reduced and refunds could be increased. Due to this reason, the accountant usually never works online as the online tax agents because they need to meet with the client in person to get an idea about their business and to determine that what is the current position of their business. The role of the accountants is not just limited to the taxes but he could also help you in number of other financial issues that you have been facing and could actually increase the net profit of the company as well by making right financial decisions.

How The Tax Agent Is Different From Accountant?

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