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There is a wide choice of tiles available on the market for the kitchens of all kinds. The nice kitchen tiles not just add life to the kitchen of all kinds but also make them look prim and proper. There is a wide range of colours, materials and textures available for those who want to make their kitchens look stylish and trendy. These tiles can be classified on the basis of the material, textures and the installation process.  If you are planning to buy the tiles for your kitchen but are confused about the type that would suit you then here is the list of kinds of tiles based on the materials that you can choose from.

Ceramic tiles

It is the most used kind of tile in the world of tiles. A well-defined proportion of water, clay and the required minerals are mixed together and then baked at a very high temperature to create glazed or the unglazed ceramic tile. Once done the tile is then coated with the glass coating that protects it from the scratches and makes it easy to clean after getting stained. Many tile buyers prefer these kinds of tiles for they come in a wide variety of colours and still they are affordable. They can withstand all kinds of tough times for they are comparatively tough and durable than many other options available in the market. The installation is not very challenging either. 

Porcelain tiles 

It is a variation of ceramic tiling too. The only difference is that these tiles are not as porous as the usual ceramic tiles. This characteristic is added because the final cooking temperature is much higher than the temperature at which the mosaic floor tile are actually cooked. They are also made of materials similar to the ones used in ceramic tiles but they are sturdier and more durable than the latter. They can be difficult to install for the tough built. A wide range of texture and colours is available in this category. What makes them a preference is the fact that they are water-resistant. They can be easily cleaned. Just sweep them with a soft cleaner and the things are done. 

Glass tiles 

Carved out of the glass pieces these tiles are a cool choice for the kitchens. The glass pieces can be of the same colour or in different colours. In case of single colour the tile gets a uniform hue while when the multiple colour glasses are used the tile starts looking like the mosaic. They are a better option for the backsplash rather than for the flooring. They serve the purpose of adding some style and sophistication to the kitchen. They need more attention while installation as they are delicate and can break if exerted more pressure. The same attention is required while cleaning the tiles. Many homeowners use them in combination with the other varieties of the tiles to make the kitchen look elegant. 

Stone tiles 

These tiles are a delight for those who love nature and the natural materials even if it is the kitchen. Commonly these stone tiles are made out of the popular stones like granite, marble, onyx, sandstone and travertine. They are equally good for floors as they are for the walls and the backsplash. The best among these is the granite tile. They need to be sealed well. Cleaning is also tedious and time-consuming.

Types Of Kitchen Tiles

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