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The permanent hair straightening is one of the latest trends and it has gain popularity from some time since it works for the damaged and dry hair and help in completely changing the look of the person. However, you must know that permanent hair straightening means lots of chemicals to change the natural texture of your hair and not only change it but to keep it there. There are number of techniques and each vary in the intensity of the chemicals used. Some of these are discussed below along with their pros and cons and the results.

Permanent hair straightening

The pros of this treatment are obviously not permanent but from permanent it means that the hairs are straight for the period of around 6 months. This procedure is not very expensive and it is not even much time consuming. The con is that the chemical applied in this procedure could be very damaging for the follicles of your hair and the natural shape of the hair could also be damaged. As the side effects of this treatment you could experience hair loss, and split ends and your hair could go weak. However, in this type of the permanent hair straightening you are not able to curl your hair because the hair will not hold the texture and will turn back to straight and neither you can dye your hair.

Home kits for permanent hair straightening:

The benefit is that the kits for such kind of the perms are usually less expensive and are easy to use and therefore, you do not have to be stuck to chair for hours in the beauty salon. However, you must understand that with the home kit you can never get the results like salon and because you are not experienced and you have no knowledge about the chemicals in the products and therefore due to this you can end up damaging your own hair by using the wrong amount. Another big disadvantage is that many customers have given the feedback about these home kits that these do not last for even one single wash.


Keratin is also very famous type of the permanent hair straightening because these not only straight but moisturize your hair and give you a very natural straight hair look which are not dead straight and you can style them in whatever manner you like as the curls or the waves. The cons of this treatment is that if you want your hair dead straight then this is not what you want because these will make the hair near to straight but not dead straight and this treatment last about 4 to 6 months.

Get To Know The Pros And Cons Of Various Permanent Hair Straightening Procedures

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