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Rabies is a fatal disease and therefore, the rabies vaccination is very important and every person must have this in order to prevent this disease. But the typhoid vaccine injection must be safely used and injected since the wrong dosage and the wrong method of injection could cause severe side effects. The vaccination actually injects a very low intense virus of the same disease against which it aims to protect. This is done to create the immunity in the human body so the defence system of the human body already knows what the virus is and know how to fight with it. It is possible that at first you feel fever, nausea and the headaches but these will not last long.  

How to medically use the rabies vaccines: 

The rabies vaccination must be given to the children in their early ages especially if they live in such area where there is number of cases of the rabies viruses. This is given in advance to them to create immunity and to prevent the rabies. Usually the before exposing to the virus vaccines are given in three doses and these are given in a month with almost 7 to 14 days gap.  

If someone has been already exposed to the rabies viruses then the four doses are given to the patient to stop the virus from spreading. For someone who has vaccination for the rabies are only given on dosage. Although these vaccinations are not the cure for the rabies but if these are used immediately after the exposure then it could kill the virus before it could reach the brain and could be untreatable. This method has been very effective and has cured many people since the rabies viruses take time to reach the brain.  

Although, if you live in such area where there is a high risk for such disease then it is good that you have the proper rabies vaccination immunity course in which make the effects and the vaccination long lasting. It has been researched that the people who have been given the dosage of these additional boosters have developed the immunity against the virus for as long as 10 years.  

What are the safety factors of the rabies vaccination? 

Rabies vaccination could be given to the people of all the ages. There is no age limit for this but these could be given to the children, adults and the old people as well. The only side effects are mild redness and the fever. There are kinds of the rabies vaccination and different kinds are used in different countries. Some of these are more effective than the others and have less side effects and therefore are recommended by the world health. 

How To Use Rabies Vaccines?

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