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With the increase in the size of the population, the problem of accommodation has increased also. Especially in bigger cities, finding the right accommodation seems like a nightmare. Because the well-furnished and located places are very costly and not everybody has big pockets to spend their half of income on accommodation. But sharing the place with any stranger is not easy especially if the place is designed for a single person or the family. But now the new type of apartment is becoming very popular, these are called the self-contained apartment. 

The serviced apartments Melbourne long stay is just an apartment but they are made like a studio apartment. That have all the facilities like kitchen, bathroom, laundry and room. IN this way, the single room can be designed to perform multiple functions in it that can be said as the common living room. There are ideal for people who want to share living with anyone. This help to reduce the quarrels because of the shared space, everyone shares the responsibilities. For such reasons, the self-contained apartment is getting very popular and there are other reasons that you one should choose a self-contained apartment instead of other accommodation option

More space:

When you will be living with someone and have a room for yourself. But in the awesome self-contained apartment along with that room, you will be able to get common living space where you can cook, sit and eat. This provides you with more freedom to perform daily chores. Also, you will be able to call guests at your home. If you and your roommate have good living terms, you both can have mutual parties at home. This will give you a sense of owning the complete apartment of your own.

Sharing responsibility:

Instead of living alone, sharing the living in a self-contained apartment will make your life easy. Because all the responsibilities will be shared by both the residents. You will be splitting your utility expenses; you will not be worried about the security of your apartment. You not alone have to clean the apartment on your own.

Save money:

Might be you will not be able to afford a self-contained apartment on your own. Because it may be costly for you but while you shared with someone, it will reduce your cost up to half. This will help you to enjoy a better place to live with half the money. You will not only be saving money on rent but you will be saving on everything like utility, cable and even groceries.


What’s the use of a big apartment if you will be alone in it and you will always be worried that there will be no one to help you in case of an emergency. Sharing the apartment will provide a companion who will be checking from you daily. In this way, you will never feel lonely and there are high chances that you might find long term friend.

Reasons To Live In Self-contained Apartment

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