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There are not one kind of the banners in the market and each banner design has its own properties. Whenever you are thinking to get the banners of your brand or the company then the first thing that comes in to your mind is that what kind of the banner do you want and the market of the banners give you plenty of the options ranging from the various sizes that are small, large to various types such as the roller up banners, popup banners and the roll up banner design. The common mistake that the companies make before placing the order of the banners that they forget to mention the type of the banner or do not consider this important but when these are manufactured and delivered then the companies figure that these were not the kind that they wanted. So, to avoid this, you must understand the types of the banners and how one is different from another. In this article, the comparison between the popup and pull up banner is given to help you choose between these. 

Popup banners:

Popup banners are usually larger than the pull up banners and these are used in the exhibitions where big banners are required to catch the public attention. Since these are larger therefore, these are expensive than the pull up banners as well. These could be in different shapes and the curved shapes is one of the most famous in the popup banners. Popup banners are usually made from number of banners and these take more time to set up then the pull up banners because you first have to set up the frame and then you need to add on the various banners in their right place to make up the whole banner.

Pull up banners:

The pull up banners on the other hand are smaller in the size and the printing could be on the both sides so that either of these could be used. Since the set-up time of these pull up banners is less than a minute in which you just need to place the stand and the unfold the banner to place it on it. Not only this, but since these are not as large as the popup banners, it is easy to move these and these are also not very much expensive. Therefore, if you are looking for the banners which are portable, cost effective, good quality then the pull up banners are the best option. On the other hand, the popup banners could be used for in house events.

A Brief Comparison Between Pull Up Banners And The Popup Banners

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