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Eighty percent of all filing cabinets in Sydney are made of metal. The remaining ten to fifteen percent are made of plastic. Metal filing cabinets are very common. They are often used in schools and banks. This is because filing cabinets made of steel are very popular. Most filing cabinets are very small in size. Small sized cabinets are very useful. They are ideal for spring books and documents. Most offices have several filing cabinets in them. The main feature of filing cabinets is their versatility. They are extremely versatile and serve many different purposes. The most common use of filing cabinets is for storing pages and journals. They can also be used for keeping card files and folders. They are usually rectangular in shape. However, they can also be square in some cases. Some people prefer circular or elongated filing cabinets.

Material used:

The most common material used for building filing cabinets is steel. This is because steel is very strong and durable. Copper is another popular choice. It is also used for building high quality filing cabinets. Steel is a combination of iron and cooper. This makes the resulting alloy stronger and more durable. The durability of steel is what makes it so useful. This is why it is ideal for making filing cabinets. Most people are unaware of the uses of steel. This is because it is not used commonly. The use of steel has increased over the past four or five years. This is because the use of paper files has increased too. This has caused a matching increase in the use of filing cabinets.

The durability:

As mentioned above, the durability of filing cabinets is what makes them so special. They can last for several years without breaking. My should regularly inspect your filing cabinets for wear and tear. Termites can damage the inside of filing cabinets. This is because termites damage wooden things all the time. Termites can be controlled with the help of pesticides. The use of pesticides can help to kill the termites in wooden cabinets. Wooden filing cabinets are susceptible to termites. Termites eat the wood of the filing cabinets from inside.

There are many ways of keeping your filing cabinets safe. The use of insect repellent sprays is recommended. You should spray your filing cabinets with insect repellent sprays once or twice a week. Filing cabinets should be sprayed four to five times a month for best results. This results in the termites being killed off. Most termites can be controlled with the help of a regular pesticide. Otherwise, more severe methods can be used. A spraying machine is used for the purpose of killing the termites. Most termites are harmless. However, some species are very dangerous and cause a lot of loss.

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